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Without the truth, there can be no real morality, justice, equality, unity, success, freedom, love, security,
peace, spirituality or even survival.
Only the truth can stop the wars and make the world the paradise it can be.

The truth is, every moment of life is special, and you can be completely open to life most of the time.
You have to see the truth to see true life.
The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply. Khalil Gibran
The truth of life does not change anything in life except people’s minds. Things stay the same.
The truth just removes the unnecessary suffering, conflict and confusion from life.
The truth about life is actually very simple; it is just hard to see for the first time.
Life: It all boils down to how you feel from moment to moment, how often you feel good and how
often you feel bad, and it will be balanced like everything else physical. Your infinite past was balanced,
and your infinite future will be too, unless you change from a physical being into a spiritual being.
To change into a spiritual being, you just have to know the truth, which changes your point of view and
your perspective of life so that you start to live your life as a spiritual being.
Our life does not have to be just fifty-fifty like the physical world, because our spiritual-self,
our immortal-self, is not physical and does not need to be balanced to exist. Our physical environment
cannot fundamentally change, but we can. You just have to know it to do it.
Nothing is going to make any real difference in your life except separating yourself from the balanced physical
world. It can and will change everything.
The truth reveals that you do not need to experience the bad to have the good. The bad will still happen,
but you will perceive it differently.
Good/bad: When you know the truth, you take the two sides of life, the good and bad side, and see them as one
whole. You do this by understanding what the balancing force means. It means all bad times will pass
and be compensated for by an equal amount of good times. It also means all good times will pass and
be paid for with an equal amount of bad times. It will always balance.

The more you live in the present, the more fulfilling life gets. Time will slow down; you will see the magic
and wonder of life you saw as a child, and you will experience it without the ignorance and all the negative
emotions of childhood. Soon, you will be able to see life better than a child sees it or any animal has ever
seen it. You will see the real world, an enchanted world.
Your two selves: Most people are not aware of the fact that they have two different selves. You have a mind
and a spirit (consciousness), and though they seem like one thing, they are separate. The way to realize that
this is true is to realize that something has to be listening to the thoughts created by your mind.
What is it that hears your thoughts?
There is the part of you that thinks and the part that hears the thoughts. The thinking part is your mind;
the part that hears the thoughts is your spiritual-self. You do not actually hear thoughts through your ears,
because your mind is already inside your head. The point is, your spiritual-self receives the things the mind
creates in a similar way to hearing them.
Check it out: Just ask yourself, what is it that is hearing the thoughts you are thinking right now?
It is your spiritual-self, the same thing that receives all life.
As shown in the drawing, mankind is currently living as their mind-self, and as a result, does not know
their spiritual-self. “Know thy self,” as Socrates said.
You have to know true life to know your true self.
Perspective and perception: The same world is perceived differently by a frog and a cat, a cat and a dog,
a dog and a human, a child and an adult, a woman and a man. You see something different than I do.
All perspectives are unique.
We do not see things the way they are; we see things the way we are.
People see and experience life through their own mind and senses and from their own unique perspective
and awareness level. This does not change the truth. The physical world will never change; it cannot change
and still exist, but the way you perceive it can. Perception and perspective determine how clearly and truly
you see life and how fulfilling or unfulfilling life is for you. Knowing the ultimate truth makes it possible
for people to see life clearly and to be filled by it.
You cannot control life, but you can change the way you see life.
Animals other than man are more fulfilled, because they have less mind blocking life, but they are stuck with
the perspective and perception they are born with. We (human beings) can greatly improve our perception
by learning the ultimate truth.
All the problems we have stem from people not knowing the truth of life.
Unhappy: People look around and think, why are there so many people that are unhappy? We have progressed so far,
yet people are still unhappy. Why isn’t this world the wonderful place it could be? Changing the world
doesn’t change us.
It does not matter how much we progress materially; it will not change anything. Only learning and seeing
the truth will change us, and thus change everything.
The truth transforms a mortal man into an immortal spiritual being.
It does this because the truth just shows you what you truly are, and that changes everything. The truth
does the same thing for the way we see the world and for the same reason. It shows you life clearly;
it shows you true life for the first time
When you know the truth, you will enjoy the good times more and still avoid a bad time when you can,
but when you cannot, the knowledge of the balance helps you get through the bad times. This is because
knowing that the worse it gets, the better it will be, makes bad times almost enjoyable. More importantly,
it centers your perspective of life. You see both sides of life; whole life, true life.
You do not get just 50/50; you get 100%.
The knowledge of the balance takes away your reasons to be mad, sad, hate, worry, envy, be disappointed;
it takes away all negative emotions and feelings.
It removes all stress and negative mind-made feelings from your life.
The mind starts disappearing, and true life starts appearing.
As the mind gets smaller, life gets bigger. As the mind shrinks, life expands. When the mind disappears
completely, your perception of life becomes clear. Eventually, you will only think when you have to,
which is not very often. You will be able to accept the present of life, no matter what is happening.
You change into a new being, a spiritual being, and you become the present, the eternal NOW.

True life is perfect: You can see and experience a perfect life, because that is the way life actually is.
Our imperfect minds mess it up.
It is hard to believe from your current perspective and level of awareness, but it is your own mind that makes
life imperfect. The universe has to be perfect to exist.
You do not have to believe it; you can know it.
The present: It is interesting that the “NOW” is called “the present.” The present is the ultimate gift;
it is the gift of truth and life. You are given the present every second, and you will receive it forever.
The present is the only thing that exists, the only thing you are ever conscious of. Your life is a series
of presents moving through time. The future does not exist until it becomes the present.
Life is one perpetual present.
Creation is happening now: Your body, mind, and the world around it are being created from microsecond
to microsecond. Things may look the same, but they are not; everything is constantly changing
and being recreated. Our life and our world is being created from moment to moment.
Life and everything in it is always new.
People think that they are not good looking enough, young enough, thin enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.
They live on the edge of the circle and just go around and around forever, lost in the illusions of their minds.
Greener grass: The concept of past, future, and a distorted perception of the present keeps people running
for the greener grass on the other side of the fence. They miss the present in the process.
Chasing the horizon: It is like running after the horizon; the faster you go, the faster it moves away from you.
One day, you realize that you are standing on it. What you were running after is where you already are
and always will be.
All people want is what is in the present, but they do not know it because they have never opened it.
Almost no one knows what the present really is.
The present has to be our goal, because it is the only thing that exists.


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